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You will find further introductory online learning about options and futures in the area of "Online-learning".


Hedging with Forwards

This video explains how a forward contract could be used to manage market risks. This process is explained by taking the example of market risks of a corn producer and a manufacturer.

Managing counterparty risk

This video explains how two counterparties can protect themselves in the event of a default. It shows how two counterparties can manage their risks in the OTC market.

Program: Trading derivatives



The concept of netting is explained in this video. This process is explained from the perspective of trading a forward contract. The disadvantages of trading a forward without using a clearing house are shown.

Program: Trading derivatives


Spread trading

This videos explains how to use future contracts to trade between different months (= calendar spread trading). The motivation of a spread trader and the situations of contango and backwardation are explained, too.


Cost of carry

This video looks at the concept of cost of carry and how a theoretical forward price (or future price) e.g. for a commodity like gold can be worked out.


Overview: options price

This video explains how an option premium is determined. The different influences of an option’s price are presented.


Overview: initial margin

In this video it is shown how the initial margin of an option that is based upon a future contract can be worked out. It is explained why the option’s initial margins vary over time.


Overview: portfolio

This video explains how futures and options might be combined in a given portfolio to work out what the net initial margin would be.


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